Channel Partners

Gold Certified Channel Partners

In addition to all the benefits members of the Checkpoint Channel Partner Program enjoy, Checkpoint Gold Certified Channel Partners benefit from:

  • Additional discounts and promotions.
  • Leads from Checkpoint marketing campaigns.
  • Access to existing Checkpoint account business with transition support.
  • Installation and service certification to deliver a complete set of shrink management solutions.
  • Toll-free technical support.
  • Advance notice of new technology solutions.

Preferred Qualities of a Certified Channel Partner

A successful Checkpoint Channel Partner applicant must demonstrate success in selling to retailers, with a burning desire to succeed and be the best. Your organization should:

  • Currently provide retail supply or technology solutions to retailers. (CCTV, security, POS, access control)
  • Employ dedicated sales personnel actively marketing to retailers.
  • Employ dedicated field service personnel.*
  • Have a strong organizational and financial structure.
  • Successfully complete Checkpoint Product On-Site Sales Training.
  • Successfully complete Checkpoint Service/Install Certification Training on Checkpoint’s portfolio of RF-EAS shrink management solutions.*
  • Possess strong leadership and a dynamic work ethic.
  • Possess high moral and ethical standards.
  • Follow a successful business plan for growth and expansion.

*Gold Program