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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Checkpoint has long been active in providing solutions that respect our environment and help customers reduce energy and waste. Checkpoint products, policies and procedures are part of the company’s Environmentally Committed Organization (ECO) program, a company-wide initiative to deliver products and services to customers in an environmentally friendly way. Our goals are simple: to produce eco-friendly products, support the use of renewable natural resources, reduce waste and dramatically cut our carbon footprint.

We also are committed to doing business in the most ethical, socially responsible ways possible – from supporting global environmental standards and recognizing unique business requirements in every country where we do business, to being involved in community-based programs that improve the way people live and work.

Specifically included as part of our Social Responsibility is the commitment to taking measures intended to bring an end to the violent conflict currently taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This conflict has been partially fueled by the exploitation and trade of “Conflict Minerals” by armed military groups located in this region. It is our goal to prevent the sourcing of our products and their components from these armed groups, while promoting local security and bringing public awareness to this important issue, as outlined in our Conflict Minerals Policy. To view the policy, please click the link to the right.